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Profile of the riders Team Shakhoora Sponored by Things-To-Do

18/01/2017 09:30

Team Shakhoora is sponsored by Things-To-Do Equestrian - Bahrain


Hussain went to school in Isa Town and is now studying at Othman bin Affan Intermediate School. He is 14 years old.
He started riding at the age of 7 years with his fathers’ encouragement at Al Zaadi Stable.
Currently Hussain is being trained by Salman Faraj at Shakhoora Riding Centre.
His ambition is to qualify for the Grand Prix Classes and to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Mahdi comes from Sar and works in Tatweer Petroleum as an operator.
He attended Shaikh Abdulla bin Issa Secondary and Technical School.
Mahdi started riding at the age of 15 years since his close friends rode and he liked horses. A friend of his father had a stable.
He started competing first in endurance racing on Arabs and then became interested in Dressage and Showjumping.
He has his own warmblood horse and is taught by Ali Essa at Shakhoora Riding Centre.
Mahdi is working hard to improve and progress in his riding abilities.


Ilyas grew up in Mukharga and went to Al Mutanabi Primary school when he was young.
He started riding in 1997 because he loved horses and had the full support of his family.
Ilyas started showjumping in 1997 on his own horse.
In 2014 he was in Madhoob Stable.
He now owns an ex-racehorse(a gelding)and is at Shakhoora Riding Centre.
He regularly competes and was placed in competitions last season.
Ilyas aims to own his own warmblood horse in the future.


Hussain came from Ghafool and attended the Pakistan Urdu School followed by the University of Bahrain and a Commercial Diploma from Global Institute.
He started riding in 1998 from Star Stable because he had friends who were riding.
He was at Star Stable for eight years and then joined Ali Ghuloom.
Hussain did not start competing in showjumping until 2013 and is being assisted by Ilyas Mohd.
In 2015 he obtained a young, Belgium warmblood mare and backed her and has brought her on.
She was placed in recent competition and is five years old.
He will be competing in the 2016/17 showjumping season and is at Shakhoora Riding Centre.


Ali is a Junior rider of 11 years and has been riding for one year only.
He has started to compete in Junior Classes and is riding the warmblood of Salman Faraj who is also his trainer.
Ali was placed in his first show this season and he is a talent worth watching out for!


Salman grew up in Salmania.
He comes from a horsey background. His brother was a flat racing jockey and his father was in the Mounted Police.
Salman received early training and at the age of 12 years joined the stable of Ali Ghuloom. He was training for flat racing and showjumping.
In 1987 Salman joined the BDF as a member of their team under a French trainer and remained there until 2015.
He now competes in showjumping and has his own warmblood mare whom he has brought on and is now 8 years old.
Salman was well placed in several BREEF shows during the 2015/16 season.
He is at Shakhoora Riding Centre.


Abbas was brought up in Salmania.
His family were already associated with horses and, at the age of 7 years, he joined the stable of Ali Ghuloom.
His first horse was Mabruk and he rode in his first competition in 1991.
In 1993 he was in Dalal Stable.
Abbas then concentrated on his studies and resumed competing in showjumping in 2013.
He has his own warmblood horse and was placed in several BREEF shows during the 2015/16 season.
He is at Shakhoora Riding Centre.

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