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  Budaiya (+973) 17590409

       Riffa         (+973) 77393337

art classes2018

30/01/2018 14:57

Things-To-Do is regularly having Art classes conducted by Ezzaldin, an experienced teacher in the use of acrylics oil and watercolour He also trains students on the art and use of charcoal and pastels
If any of our customers would like to attend a repeat of this please register at Things-To-Do on the Budaiya Highway or at Art-Plus Things-To-Do in Riffa. This would be held on weekdays for two hours and for 3 weeks total 6 hrs BD 25 payment in advance.

We also have other art and craft classes available for registration. Please enquire at our branches Riffa 77393337 Budaiya 17590409

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